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Meme about me

I found an open invitation to this meme on Darcie’s Such the Spot blog.

What is the worst meal you ever had?
That would be the one I served at a party in my house that had plastic wrap melted in the food.  It appears that catering companies like to put plastic wrap under aluminum foil.  Who knew?  Doesn’t everyone take it home and put it in their oven to keep it hot? 

The one place you could vacation every year?
I am stealing Heather and Darcie’s answer-  Disney World!

5 things that drive you crazy?
-Whenever I melt something, that was not supposed to be melted, when cooking.
-Bugs in computer programs that can’t be easily replicated, but are real issues.
-Whenever I burn/under cook something because I forgot to set the timer or look at the clock when I began heating it.
-Whenever I burn my hands on a hot pan because I decide the Mickey dishtowel on my oven door will do the trick.
-Whenever I fill the dryer with wet clothes but forget to actually start the machine.

Name 3 people from your past that make you stop and think, “Hey, I wonder what ever happened to…”
-I spent the summers of my college years directing my town’s sailing program.  I wonder how all of those kids are doing.  
-The woman to whom I reported while volunteering at the local aquarium while at college.  
-Dreamfinder 🙂

Kids TV show you might actually enjoy more than your kids do?
There are no TV shows I enjoy more than my children.

Worst movie I have ever seen?
American Beauty

Most under-rated TV show you watch regularly? 
I don’t watch any shows anymore.  My hubby turns on different news shows at night, while I play on the computer. 

Most popular TV show you never watch? 
American Idol

Celebrity whose looks you’d like to have? 
I will steal Darcie’s answer, Keira Knightley.  I think it would be fun to also have her accent. 

Celeb you can’t stand? 
Britney Spears

What did you do today? 
Cuddled with the girls.  Helped pick out their outfits.  Showered/dressed/made myself up for a work day.  Had breakfast with the girls.  Packed snack and water bottle in my oldest’s school bag.  Braided the girls’ hair.  Put my oldest on the school bus after hugs and kisses.  My youngest and I walked our dog.  I changed into work shoes.  Packed up their bag of stuff for the day.  Dropped off my youngest with the girls’ bag of stuff and more hugs and kisses.  Drove to work listening to a new WDW Today podcast.  Worked.  Talked with the girls on the phone.  Worked.  Drove home listening to another new WDW Today podcast.  Picked up the girls.  Bath time.  Brushed and then braided their hair.  Cuddled and chatted with the girls and hubby.  Storytime.  Once they were ready for bed I tucked them in bed.  Heated up some leftovers and ate with hubby.  He started to watch TV and I started to play on the computer.   

I am tagging anyone who wants to play along.


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