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There are lots of things to love over at Newbaby.com

Maria Bailey, Co Founder of Newbaby.com, writes of her dream website: “I think we’ve created a cutting edge site for moms that will give us all the ability to capture more of those moments we try to hold on to and share them with friends and family.  Newbaby.com offers a lot of great features from learning videos, blogs, community and product reviews but the feature I’m most excited about is the chance to archive video.  Just think, now you can record your baby’s first word on your webcam, upload it to your Newbaby Video Gallery and share it with your partner, grandparents or distant family members.  Can you imagine recording your 1st grader’s thoughts on the first day of school and having them when he graduates from high school? It’s now possible and you don’t have to transfer tapes to disks or worry that the VCR is plugged in.  I hope you will enjoy Newbaby.com and all it has to offer and if you like it, please tell a friend.”

This is a great site which you can use to share your family videos with select family and friends- or the world.  This is a great place to store your memories for free.  Maybe you have an upcoming Walt Disney World vacation trip planned?  Well, why not set up a free account and upload your family’s vacation video while you are still on vacation?  Your loved ones could see your baby in action at Walt Disney World with Mickey or Pooh before you even arrive home!  Imagine that! 

Hop on over to Newbaby.com and start sharing your memories, learn some great tips, and check out all of the other moms out there that are going through the same things that you are.  It is a lot of fun, enjoy!


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