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Destination Disney: Wow!

This week Jennifer’s Destination Disney theme is about pictures that give a “Wow!” feeling.  These are a couple of pictures that make me feel this way.  The first picture is of strangers that I met one night and the second one is of my daughter at a very special event.



After my family and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner in the former restaurant, L’Original Alfredo di Roma Ristorante, we were walking around the piazza looking at all of the beautiful things when I happened to notice this couple standing all alone on top of “the Rostrum”, which is the circular platform in the middle of the piazza, hugging and almost dancing together.  It was so romantic I just had to watch them a little, and then all of a sudden, he went down on one knee and was looking up at her!  I just knew he was proposing.  I told my family what was happening so we could stop and watch them together.  I was so excited to see this happening!  I knew she must have accepted as they started kissing and she looked like she was SO excited.  Before I knew it, I was walking over to them to ask if they wanted me to take their picture and send it to them so that they could have a picture of this moment.  They were so happy with my offer and they immediately posed for a picture.  Then, as he reached into a pocket to get a business card for me he remembered that he had brought his own camera with him and he asked me if I would take some more pictures of them with his camera.  I was happy to oblige!  It was really fun to see the start of their life together and help them preserve their moment. I was really lucky to witness such a beautiful and unplanned event!


This is a “Wow!” for my girls and I.  This picture was taken at the “My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party” held at the Grand Floridian.   I took my oldest daughter to this very special event.  Here she is with the amazing and very entertaining Rose Petal.  While I always bring my video camera to Disney World, I usually end up leaving it in our room.  However, I did bring it with me to this event, and I was so glad that I did!  Both of my girls have watched the video I took at this tea party dozens of times; they both love Rose Petal’s story, singing and silliness.  During the show Rose Petal walks around the Garden View Tea Room telling Princess Aurora’s whole story, including how the three good fairies:  Flora, Fauna and Merryweather hid her and called her Briar Rose for her protection from the very evil Maleficent.  Rose Petal, who has a presence similiar to Julie Andrews, sang and told her story perfectly.  She did all of this while somehow managing to keep the many children’s attention by drawing each of them in to her performance as she circulated the room continuously throughout the show.  Her music companion, Baron Branch, used his piano to make all of the right sounds at the right times to add a bit of drama to her story.  He also played sweet Disney songs to keep things running smoothly during the tea portion of the show.  My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance, she was honored to properly learn how to curtsy with Princess Aurora, and she really liked all of the many trinkets she was given including: the Princess Aurora Doll, a tiara, a silver bracelet, a Rose, some specially themed scrapbooking supplies and certificate.  Rose Petal taught the children to sigh and swoon upon hearing mention of Aurora’s dear Prince Phillip; both of my daughters still enjoy the drama of doing this.


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