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Destination Disney: Hot pictures

I am happy to report that Heidi from Reviews by Heidi has kindly offered to keep this Destination Disney carnival alive by hosting it on her blog.  I read over there that a new Destination Disney banner for our little carnival will soon be created.  I’ll be sure to post it here, as soon as I see it.  

This week the Destination Disney theme is Hot. 

When we saw Pluto at Chef Mickeys he was panting a lot.  He must have been really hot.  I think he was so excited to see all of the children at Chef Mickey’s that he forgot to take a break to get a drink.  He visited our table right before he went into the kitchen to quench his thirst.  The girls offered him some of their juice, but he declined.  I think he prefers to drink from his own bowl.     

I don’t think hot is the right word to describe this picture, but stick with me folks.  Instead of hot, let’s think more along the lines of love at first sight.  You know the sweet feeling that I am talking about.  See the bigger child who is looking adoringly into Prince Charming’s eyes awaiting her first kiss.  That is too cute, isn’t it?  Wait, what is the little one doing with that spoon?  Is she trying to tell Prince Charming it is her turn now—in her own “charming” way, of course. 

Despite the fact that this child was a late talker, you can see she has always had her own special way of making her point.  (I promise that no princes were harmed in the taking of this picture.)

For even more hot pictures visit the Destination Disney carnival on Heidi’s blog.  See ya real soon!


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