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Destination Disney: Cool pictures

Heidi from, Reviews by Heidi, is hosting the Destination Disney Carnival and this week the theme is “cool” pictures.

Do you remember the Disney commercial from the mid-nineties that had the cute child that ran up to Mickey for a big hug?  The one where the child hugging Mickey said, “I have been waiting my whole life to meet you!”  I haven’t seen that commercial in a very long time, but somehow it has stuck with me through the years.  I always loved how that magical commercial made me feel.  This picture of my oldest daughter with Belle makes my heart smile like that commercial.  Since my daughter knew that Belle also loves to read, she was thrilled to have the chance to tell Belle that she had just learned how to read.  While my husband and I had certainly told our daughter how proud we were of her new reading skills, our daughter was most excited to share her news with Princess Belle.   

Mickey was feeling a bit chilly on this day when he stopped by to see our girls at the former Restaurantasaurus.  Mickey thanked my girls for helping him to feel nice and toasty again!   

This picture was taken on a chilly night in the Magic Kingdom.  We had wrapped up a fun-filled day with a yummy supper with Pooh and his friends at the Crystal Palace.  When we were on our way out of the the restaurant to join that evening’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, we spotted Pooh and his gang.  

For even more “cool” pictures, visit the Destination Disney Carnival held by Heidi from Reviews by Heidi.  TTFN!


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