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Destination Disney: Starstruck Photos


Heidi is hosting the Destination Disney carnival on her Reviews by Heidi blog.  This week the theme is “starstruck” photos. Be sure to check out the participating blogs that are linked to her carnival. 

Each trip my family and I meet lots of Disney Characters while fluttering around Walt Disney World.  We especially love to meet with them while relaxing at our Character Meals.  For some reason, the pictures I have of my kids from these Character Meals always seem to come out the best.   This could be because it’s relaxing to be seated together with family and friends in a fabulously themed and air conditioned restaurant.  Good times are had during these meals because it’s easy to chat away while taking a break to enjoy good food, drink, and company.  During the meal we especially enjoy when the Disney Characters stop and visit as they make their rounds around the restaurant.  We often choose to have a late morning character breakfast as lunch because our family likes to wake up early and head straight to a park.  I bring a granola bar for each of us to eat on our way to a park in the morning for our real breakfast.  Later, once we have conquered several of the attractions on our family’s must-do list, we like to sit down for a Character Meal.  This break also gives our family a chance to decide together whether or not we want to hop to another park, return to our hotel room for a swim and a rest, or continue touring the same park after we finish our meal and Character greetings. 

Here are a couple of photos of my daughters who are still always starstruck around their beloved Disney Characters.       

To see more adorable “starstruck” pictures and even be “starstruck” by some famous stars, hop on over to Heidi’s Destination Disney Carnival and have a great day!


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